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Season Four

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In this season, This Is Utah Host and Story Producer Liz Adeola travels across the state discovering new and unique experiences, landmarks, cultures, and people. Utah has a wellspring of vibrant stories to offer. Season four highlights the diverse people, arts, culture, sports, and environments that make Utah a distinctive and delightful place.

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Season four Episode One

Traveling Through Time

Utah has a rich history of learning and growth. Join the Wild Old Bunch, a group of passionate senior skiers, as they hit the slopes in search of the perfect run. Discover Utah's Black History on a mobile museum tour, following the bus to explore the state's fascinating past. Finally, ride along with James Fain, the renowned rodeo photographer.

Season four Episode two

Culture Craft

The power of cultural traditions is unparalleled in its ability to unite people. Meet Allan Moreno, a musician who established Academia Mis Raíces (My Roots Academy), which teaches students the significance of mariachi music. Taiwanese American baker, Mika Lee, invites you to indulge in the art of afternoon tea from Honey Teahive. And witness stunning Polynesian fashion by designer Denise Koli.

Season four Episode three

Utah's Heritage Highway

Travel Utah's Heritage Highway, also known as U.S. Route 89. Along the way, take a break in Spanish Fork at the Shri Shri Radha Krishna Temple. Travel further south to Cedar City and experience the traditional music and dance performances by the talented youth of the Southern Paiute Tribe. Finally, in Kanab, meet some of the adorable animals of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Season four Episode four

Challenge Accepted

Utah boasts a rich history of athletes who fearlessly face any obstacle, from amateurs, to professionals, and Olympians like the remarkable fencer Shelby Jensen. Despite a childhood stroke, she trained hard to represent the United States at the Paralympic Games. Then, discover three women who united to establish a welcoming and diverse community for climbers of color in Utah's bouldering world.

Season four Episode five

A Road Less Traveled

Embark on a journey through the deserts of Utah, taking the road less traveled. Join the Holland Family as they venture into the wild lands where Butch Cassidy once roamed, and indigenous communities have lived for centuries. Later, get to know Jaxson Riddle, the youngest freeride mountain bike athlete to compete in the exclusive Red Bull Rampage competition, located near Zion National Park.

Season four Episode six

The Great Salt Lake

Delve into the tale of the Great Salt Lake which is an integral part of the Salt Lake Valley's culture and identity. Learn of the lake's ecosystem through the world of brine shrimp. Experience the poetry of Nan Seymour, whose words advocate for the lake's protection. And discover how the Great Salt Lake Institute's team of scientists and educators are investigating whether the lake can survive.

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