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Season Four

Season 4 episode 1

Book Banning in the Beehive State

How the fight over books and curriculum leaves educators in a difficult position.

Season 4 episode 2

Social Media and Youth Mental Health

Learn how being online is impacting the mental health of Utah's youngest generation.

Season 4 Episode 3

Preventing Domestic Violence

Learn what you can do to help identify and prevent domestic violence.

Season 4 episode 4

Gun Violence

Learn from experts about what can be done to stop gun violence.

Season 4 episode 5

Utah's Youth Treatment Industry

Utah is home to around 100 Youth Treatment programs, but do these programs actually help?

Season 4 episode 6

Reproductive Rights

With reproductive rights being questioned, how are Utah communities being affected?

Season 4 episode 7

Digital Nomads and the Housing Dilemma

A rise of digital nomads compounded Utah’s housing crisis. How do we improve the situation?

Season 4 episode 8

Future of the Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake is on the brink of collapse. Is there anything we can do to save it?

Season 4 episode 9

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

How can Utah fight against the opioid epidemic in positive and permanent ways?

Season 4 episode 10

Utah's Energy Future

What does the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy mean for Utah’s future?