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Season Three

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Season Three Returns

The brand-new season begins Friday, May 20 at 7:30 PM.

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Season 3 episode 1

Utah's Healthcare Crisis

COVID-19 revealed weaknesses in Utah's healthcare systems. We evaluate the path forward.

Season 3 episode 2

Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline

How Utah is reforming the juvenile justice system and keeping kids on the path to success.

Season 3 episode 3

Misinformation and Media Literacy

What you need to know to safely consume news and information in the digital age.

Season 3 episode 4

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

While many cases remain unsolved, what needs to change to protect Utah's Native women?

Season 3 episode 5

Evictions and Rental Assistance Programs

Advocates say Utah's eviction laws are the toughest in the U.S. How renters can get help

Season 3 episode 6

Utah Inland Port

Is compromise possible for the Utah Inland Port?

Season 3 episode 7

Early Childcare Gap

Utah families need better access to childcare. Join us as we look for solutions.

Season 3 episode 8

Farming and Utah's Drought

With Utah's ongoing drought, learn how we can balance between agriculture and other needs.

Season 3 episode 9

Labor Shortage Solutions

Utah businesses are struggling to hire new workers. We examine the ongoing labor shortage.

Season 3 episode 10

Future of the Death Penalty

We bring together people on both sides to discuss the future of the death penalty in Utah.