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Utah has a long history of fossil fuel use and extraction that pre-dates statehood itself. Now, with concerns about climate change pushing a transition to more renewable energy sources, Utah is at the forefront of energy innovation. Join Raeann Christensen in exploring the feasibility of new geothermal, nuclear, solar, and battery storage technologies in Utah.

episode three

TerraPower Nuclear Technology in Wyoming

Could cutting-edge nuclear technology push this rural community into the future? Kemmerer, Wyoming has depended on a coal-fired power plant for electricity and employment for over 60 years. Now that the plant is scheduled to close in 2025, Kemmerer’s residents are looking to a new nuclear energy reactor to replace it. Could pulling the plug on coal power mean boosting the economy and reliable jobs for generations to come?

episode two

Calvary Baptist Church Green Energy Upgrades

Calvary Baptist Church is leading the way on sustainability, installing solar panels and upgrading their lighting to more energy efficient LEDs. Not only has this saved them on their electricity bill, but also slashes their carbon emissions. Now, they’re bringing their congregation members along for the ride, helping constituents find rebates and incentives to help upgrade their homes.

episode one

Solar in Carbon & Emery Counties

As demand for more renewable energy production grows, some rural communities are adapting with a shift from coal to solar power. High elevation and 340 sunny days a year make Carbon County the perfect place to harvest the sun’s rays, paired with new battery technology being introduced in Emery County. Can solar energy provide the same stability as fossil fuels, and keep jobs for the community?


episode four: july 30

San Rafael Energy Research Center

Researchers look into alternative energy development that is economical and clean.

episode five: august 6

Geothermal Energy in Utah

Beaver County has some of the most accessible geothermal resources in the world

episode six: august 13

History of Coal in Utah

Learn how coal played a vital role in shaping the Utah we know today.