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Utah World War II Stories

Utah World War II Stories is a stirring landmark series in five parts. The men and women of "the Greatest Generation" recollect the pivotal events of World War II in this important series from KUED. Utahns tell some of the greatest stories of their lives in The Struggle, Europe, The Pacific and The Home Front and Untold Stories.

Utah sent more than 70,000 troops to war; to the jungles of Asia, the mountains of France, the air over Berlin and the waters of the Pacific to battle the forces of tyranny and reclaim freedom. More than 3,600 never returned to tell their stories. Those who did carry with them a sense of pride and unfailing humility.

They offered up their lives, many enduring unspeakable horrors. Utah veterans share their compelling and very personal memories in "Untold Stories" - the fifth and final episode of KUED (now PBS Utah)'s award-winning series, Utah World War II Stories.

After KUED's original broadcast of the four-part series, dozens of Utah veterans and their families contacted the producers to share their own very personal experiences. So compelling were the stories that KUED created this extended new episode to share them with viewers and document them for future generations.

KUED is proud to bring these powerful battle front and home front stories to light for future generations so the sacrifices will not be forgotten.

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