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How to Make a Rubber Band Ball

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Who doesn't love an old-fashioned rubber band ball?
Credit: Missy Maxwell

Howdy! My name is Missy. I’m an artist and arts/crafts blogger here at PBS KIDS Utah. Have you ever collected anything? Rocks? Stuffed animals? Keychains? My step-dad collects rubber bands. He gets them from newspapers, bunches of parsley or in product packaging. He keeps them all together in a rubber band ball. I thought it would be fun to make our own rubber band balls. 

Supplies: LOTS of rubber bands, plus some scrap paper!



  • Lots of rubber bands
  • Scrap paper



  1. Wad up your piece of scratch paper into a ball.
  2. Take a rubber band and stretch it around the wadded up paper ball.
  3. Turn the ball and add another rubber band.
  4. Keep turning and adding rubber bands. Eventually, you won’t be able to see any more paper ball.
  5. Collect rubber bands and add them to your rubber band ball.


The first part of a rubber band ball is always the hardest. Start with a nice round ball of scrap paper as a base to make things easier!



A rubber band ball is a place to collect rubber bands. But it can also be a fun toy! Try bouncing the ball into a box. Try playing catch with your rubber band ball. You can even take turns hiding your rubber band ball and playing “Hot & Cold” with it. Be creative and have fun!