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Season 1 Episode 2

Good Company Theatre & Fidalis Buehler

Meet painter Fidalis Buehler and the Washington sisters from Ogden's Good Company Theatre.

Art is a quest to know thyself” is an idea embodied by each artist in this episode. Fidalis Buehler explores themes of heritage and belonging through his paintings, and teaches students to harness the nuances of their own identities. Alicia and Camille Washington founded Good Company Theatre to bring inclusive plays to their native Ogden, turning their passion for equity in the arts into reality.

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Good Company Theatre

Meet Ogden’s own Camille and Alicia Washington, founders of Good Company Theatre.

Utah’s only Black women-owned theater is Ogden’s Good Company Theatre, founded by Camille & Alicia Washington. The sisters were driven to start a theatre company both by a passion for equity in the arts, and a desire to engage with where they’re from. As a community gathering space, the theatre’s progressive, inclusive plays allow audiences to rethink their relationship to theatrical performance.

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Fidalis Buehler

For painter and BYU professor Fidalis Buehler, art is a quest to know thyself.

Many of Fidalis Buehler’s paintings feature the image of a wanderer, personified as a stray dog. A child of parents from Wisconsin and the Gilbert Islands, Fidalis never felt like he fit in either group — but in the arts, he saw an avenue for exploration. For Fidalis, art is a quest to know thyself. Now a professor at BYU, Fidalis teaches students to harness the nuances of their own identities.

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