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Season 3 Episode 6

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Evictions and Rental Assistance Programs

Advocates say Utah's eviction laws are the toughest in the U.S. How renters can get help

A report from the Utah Bar Foundation found the state's eviction policies are some of the most punitive in the country and often favor landlords. And in cases that go to court, less than 5% of renters have legal representation. Advocates worry this leaves Utahns vulnerable to homelessness. We look into the help that's available, plus, how laws regulating landlord-tenant relationships could change.

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Meet a Housing Advocate

Learn how a housing advocate in southern Utah is helping renters find the help they need.

With rising rental prices, high inflation, and an uncertain economy, tenants can often feel helpless when life happens. But one property management company in southern Utah is trying to change that dynamic by adding a housing advocate to its staff. Learn how this person is connecting renters with the resources and help they need.