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Season 3 Episode 4

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Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

While many cases remain unsolved, what needs to change to protect Utah's Native women?

According to law enforcement records, there are dozens of unsolved cases involving missing and murdered indigenous women in Utah. But experts worry the problem is likely even worse, because many cases go unreported. We examine how this data could improve, plus, what needs to change to keep Utah's Native women safe.

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Wounds of Unsolved MMIW Cases

One Utah woman shares how her aunt's unsolved murder left behind pain that never healed.

The pain felt by families of missing and murdered indigenous women spans generations, leaving trauma that never seems to heal. One Utah woman has been searching for answers for decades following her aunt's death. She shares how she watched helplessly, as the strongest people in her family broke down after years of pushing for closure that never came.

Bonus Interview


Learn how the violence native women face today has root in America's early colonization.

We continue our conversation about the epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women with Yolanda Francisco-Nez, Executive Director of Restoring Ancestral Winds. Learn how the violence perpetuated against native women stretches back hundreds of years, and how this historic problem could have a modern solution.