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 Women's History Month 2023

Celebrate Women's History Month this year by exploring pivotal points in American history and learning more about women who fought for progress. Watch films on a range of topics: from the influence of Haudenosaunee matriarchs on early suffragists to a woman's experience of war.

Local, USA

Girl Talk: A Local, USA Special

In the cutthroat world of high school debate, five girls show the value of speaking up.

Independent Lens

Trailer | Storming Caesars Palace

How Vegas activist Ruby Duncan's grassroots movement of moms fought for guaranteed income.

Independent Lens

Trailer | Hidden Letters

Modern women in China keep alive the tradition of Nüshu, a secret written language.

Gershwin Prize

Joni Mitchell: The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize Teaser

Tune in March 31st to watch Joni Mitchell receive the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize.

 From PBS Utah

Utah History

Martha Hughes Cannon

She was a physician, the first female senator in the United States, and a sister wife.

Utah History

Makers: Voices of Utah Women

Makers: Voices of Utah Women tells the story of the women's movement in Utah.

This Is Utah

Female Firsts

Meet female pioneers Caroline Gleich, Martha Hughes Cannon & Alyssha Dairsow of Curly Me!

PBS Utah POdcast

More Than Half

Hosted by Andrea Smardon, this podcast uncovers serious challenges facing Utah women and why it takes all of us, regardless of gender, to overcome them. We talk to women and their allies as they share their stories on topics such as work-life balance, motherhood, and how to lead in a state that’s been deemed the worst for women’s equality three years in a row.

 More From PBS

American Experience

Part 1 | The Vote | American Experience

The fiery campaign that led to passage of the 19th Amendment, granting women the vote.

PBS Short Film Festival

Without a Whisper

The untold untold story of how Indigenous women influenced the early suffragists.

America ReFramed

Fannie Lou Hamer's America

The remarkable life of a fearless Mississippi sharecropper-turned-human-rights-activist.

PBS Short Film Festival

For Our Girls

The film is a love letter to Black daughters as they face challenges and accept each other’s flaws.

American Masters


Explore the world of a literary icon whose fiction was unlike anything published before.

American Masters

Unladylike2020: The Changemakers

Mark the women’s suffrage centennial with stories of pioneering women.



A Thousand Cuts

"A Thousand Cuts" goes inside the war between the Philippine government and the press.


For Sama

An intimate yet epic journey into one young mother’s experience of the Syrian conflict.

Amanpour and Company

“Writing With Fire:” Journalists on the Front Lines in India

Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh join the show.