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2024 PBS KIDS Utah Annual Writers & Illustrators Contest

2024 Concurso de Escritores e Ilustradores de PBS Utah

Winning Stories Coming Soon

Congratulations to the following Writer-Illustrators!


1st Place – William, The Mystery of the Missing Water

2nd Place – Zayda, Glide the Selkie Mermaid

3rd Place – Mateo, The Adventures of Ryder the River Otter

Honorable Mention – Ren, Falling Down Raindrops

Honorable Mention -  Simon, The Skeleton Made Friends

1st Grade:

1st Place – Griffin, Watris Protects The Great Salt Lake

2nd Place – Alma, The Special Guest

3rd Place – Luna, A Raindrop Family Adventure

2nd Grade:

1st Place – Kaitlyn, Together We Rise

2nd Place – Gerard, Paws for the Planet

3rd Place – Hadley, Sophia and the Water Warrior

Honorable Mention – Victoria, Little Drops of Kindness Everywhere

Honorable Mention – Ava, Keep it Clean

3rd Grade:

1st Place – Athan, The Quest for Water

2nd Place – Maeve, Joy & The Weird Fish Looking Thing

3rd Place – Lily, The Hidden Bear Adventure

Honorable Mention – Michaela, The Exploring Mermaid

Honorable Mention – Luisa, The Cycle of Water

4th Grade:

1st Place – Evelyn, The Eternal Dance

2nd Place – Samantha, The Little Cloud

3rd Place – Elizabeth, Polly and the Pollution Solution

Honorable Mention – Zoey, Water It Brings Life

Honorable Mention – James, The Rainbow Shell

Honorable Mention – Benny, Learning

5th Grade:

1st Place – Natalie, The Water Problem

2nd Place – Liam, Man and Clown

3rd Place – Leila, La Gran Escasez De Agua

Honorable Mention – Addy, Sheldon the Shrimp On His Wild Journey

Honorable Mention – Keralee, The Cat-aclysm

Honorable Mention –Laila, The Mysterious Pipe


6th Grade:

1st Grade – Everett, Olly the Octopus: Ocean Cleanup

2nd Grade – Hannah, Elle and the Leaking Kiddie Pool

3rd Grade – Isla, Serenas Magical Journey

Honorable Mention – Ilanka, Tears of the Moon


Submissions are now closed. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful stories! Return in March 2025 for the next contest!