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Congratulations Winners! 2021 Writers and Illustrators Contest - Celebrate the Outdoors

We are pleased to announce our 2021 winners and would like to congratulate them on their accomplishments!

More children than ever before submitted stories in honor of the 20th anniversary of the PBS KIDS Utah Writers & Illustrators Contest. 450 children from around the state sent in their best illustrated stories on the theme “Celebrate the Great Outdoors.”

The contest strives to foster creativity and literacy in young Utah artists and writers. Children were encouraged to find inspiration for their story by exploring the natural world, from backyard birdfeeders, to nature walks, to hiking and camping with their families.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a story! PBS KIDS Utah celebrates all of the talented Utah children who entered this year’s contest.

Kindergarten Winners

First Place


by Sam

Second Place

"Nature Makes Me Happy"

by Victoria

Third Place

"The Numbers Go Camping"

by Wake

First Grade Winners

First Place

"How to Catch a Cloud"

by Leif

Second Place

"Rainbow Cave"

by Ashlynn

Third Place

"Ben's Adventure"

by Tucker

Second Grade Winners

First Place

"A Different Kind of Fishing Trip"

by Jackson

Second Place

"Krue and the Friendly Bear"

by Lukas

Third Place

"Wild Friendship"

by Harlee

Third Grade Winners

First Place

"Celebrate the Colors of the Great Outdoors"

by Anna

Second Place

"The Lone Owl"

by Kara

Third Place

"The Great Outdoors"

by Makai

Fourth Grade Winners

First Place

"Poems for the Seasons"

by Kate

Second Place

"How the Water Birds Got Their Arrows"

by Zaria

Third Place

"You are the Coolest Katydid"

by Flynn

Fifth Grade Winners

First Place

"A Camping Adventure"

by Frances

Second Place


by Alina

Third Place

"Memories of the Dust"

by Belle

Sixth Grade Winners

First Place

"Opal & Stone"

by Reagan

Second Place

"The Forest Bake-Off"

by Madison

Third Place

"Adventure on Mt. Perenna"

by Brinlee