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Congratulations Winners! 2021 Writers and Illustrators Contest - Celebrate the Outdoors

We are pleased to announce our 2022 winners and would like to congratulate them on their accomplishments!

Children from around the state sent in their best illustrated stories on the theme “Anyone Can be a Hero.”

The contest strives to foster creativity and literacy in young Utah artists and writers.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a story! PBS KIDS Utah celebrates all of the talented Utah children who entered this year’s contest.

Enjoy reading the winning stories below!

Kindergarten Winners

First Place

"How to Catch a Banana Thief"

by Connor

Second Place

"The Warrior Cookies! (3 of course!)"

by Kallie

Third Place

"The Magical Garden"

by Uriah

First Grade Winners

First Place

"The New Moon"

by Oscar

Second Place

"The Littlest Unipenguin"

by Elizabeth

Third Place

"Super Helper"

by Samuel

Second Grade Winners

First Place

"Sausage the Service Pig"

by Evelyn

Second Place

"Lyla Mercedes the Little Red Panda"

by Samantha

Third Place

"Everyone Can Be a Hero"

by Ineza

Third Grade Winners

First Place

"An Ordinary Hero"

by Sophie

Second Place

"Forest Heroes"

by Gil

Third Place

"The Power of Friendship"

by Kaylee

Fourth Grade Winners

First Place

"My Uncle is a Spy"

by Ilanka

Second Place

"One Small Change Can Make a Big Difference"

by Scarlett

Third Place

"Trash Cleaners"

by Blaise

Fifth Grade Winners

First Place

"The Girl & the Lake"

by Tawny

Second Place

"The Cactus"

by Anastasia

Third Place

"I Am Awesome-Man"

by Flynn

Sixth Grade Winners

First Place

"Size Isn't Everything"

by London

Second Place

"Better Together"

by McKenzie

Third Place

"Little Unexpected Heroes"

by Annabelle