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Join hosts Lonzo Liggins and Danor Gerald as they continue their mission for Season 4 of Roots, Race & Culture. This season, they delve into the rich history, challenges, and contributions of Hispanic Americans, Black communities, and BIPOC artists in Utah. This season features guests that include artists, change makers, experts, and local spiritual leaders to provide unique, first-hand perspectives and insights.

Roots, Race & Culture Season 4 on PBS Utah promises to be an enlightening and enriching journey through various cultures and perspectives. Stream previous seasons anytime online or the PBS App. Celebrate the power of storytelling and strive with us for a more inclusive and equitable society.

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season four Episode One

Utah's Black Churches

Experience the captivating history and profound legacy of Black churches in Salt Lake City in an enlightening episode of Roots, Race & Culture. Uncover the remarkable story of Biddy Mason and her role in establishing the Black Church in Utah. Join esteemed guests Rev. France Davis and Reverend Daryell Jackson as we explore the hidden history and experiences of these diverse congregations.

season four Episode two

The Upside to Lowriders

Discover the rich history and positive aspects of Hispanic American lowriding culture as we explore how it transformed into a thriving community. Connie Medina and Nick Peck, two big names in Utah’s lowriding scene debunk stereotypes and highlight how lowriding serves as a deterrent to gangs, imparts valuable skills, and fosters a supportive family dynamic.

season four Episode three

Is Your History Being Erased?

Examine the disturbing trend of book banning and the exclusion of African American history from school curricula. With Utah ranking among the top five states for book bans, join us as we explore what exactly is being banned and who has the authority to decide. Prepare to explore censorship and the ongoing struggle to ensure an accurate and inclusive representation of African American history.

season four Episode four

Diversity on Stage and Screen

Explore the careers of BIPOC actors in Utah's theatrical market and learn about the challenges faced by these artists, from implicit bias to casting paradoxes, and the limited local projects available. Yolanda Wood and Jerry Rapier join in a comprehensive discussion on the realities BIPOC actors face and the importance of equitable opportunities in Utah’s entertainment industry.

season four Episode five

Inclusive Outdoors

Explore the racist history that discourages Black and Hispanic communities from engaging in outdoor activities in Utah even to this day. Plus, discover the transformative work of organizations challenging stereotypes and making outdoor spaces more inclusive. Special guests Ashley Cleveland and Esteban Benites-Moreno share their perspectives in this inspiring episode of Roots, Race & Culture.