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2024 PBS KIDS Utah Annual Writers & Illustrators Contest

2024 Concurso de Escritores e Ilustradores de PBS Utah

Hey, Kids! Grab your notepad, pencil, art supplies, and let the creativity flow. It’s time again for PBS KIDS Utah annual Writers & Illustrators Contest! The theme this year is Our Water, Our Future.

¡Hola niños! Tomen su libreta, lápiz, materiales de arte y dejen fluir la creatividad. ¡Es hora nuevamente del Concurso Anual de Escritores e Ilustradores de PBS KIDS Utah! El tema de este año es Nuestra agua, Nuestro futuro. 

Water is life, the circulatory system of our state. From the Great Salt Lake, to Lake Powell, the Colorado river, Jordan River, and countless creeks streams, wetlands, and reservoirs, it affects every aspect of life. For this year's PBS Utah Writers & Illustrators Contest, look to Utah's water ways and the way you interact with water for inspiration. Where is our water? How are we caring for our water? How can we support our future by supporting our water sources? What can we do to care for water? What adventures do you have with our waterways? Let the creativity flow and share with us your stories. Children Kindergarten-6th Grade are invited to participate!

El agua es vida, el sistema circulatorio de nuestro estado. Desde el Gran Lago Salado hasta el Lago Powell, el Río Colorado, el Rio Jordan e innumerables arroyos, humedales y reservorios, afecta todos los aspectos de la vida. Para el Concurso de Escritores e Ilustradores de PBS Utah de este año, busca inspiración en las vías fluviales de Utah y la forma en que interactúas con el agua. ¿Dónde está nuestra agua? ¿Cómo estamos cuidando nuestra agua? ¿Cómo podemos ayudar a nuestro futuro apoyando nuestras fuentes de agua? ¿Qué podemos hacer para cuidar el agua? ¿Qué aventuras tienes con nuestras vías fluviales? Deja fluir la creatividad y comparte con nosotros tus historias. ¡Se invita a participar a niños desde Jardín de infancia - 6to Grado! 

Stories are accepted in English and Spanish, can be fiction or nonfiction, may be about your very own neighborhood or faraway lands. The sky’s the limit, as long as it is your own original work.

Se aceptan historias en inglés y español, pueden ser ficción o hechos reales, pueden ser acerca de tu propio vecindario o de tierras lejanas. El cielo es el límite, siempre y cuando sea tu propio trabajo original. 

Don’t know where to start? Take a look at the activity sheets and printable resources on this page. Ask yourself questions like: What are the things I am curious about? What do I notice in the world around me? What would happen if....? Jot down story ideas and sketch drawings as you look at the vibrant world around you.

¿No sabes por dónde empezar? Echa un vistazo a las hojas de actividades y los recursos imprimibles en esta página. Hazte preguntas como: ¿Que cosas me interesan? ¿Qué noto en el mundo que me rodea? ¿Qué pasaría si....? Anota ideas para historias y haz dibujos mientras observas el vibrante mundo que te rodea. 

Stories may submitted online or via mail with a completed entry form starting March 1st. Deadline May 1st. Winners, who are announced in May, will receive a PBS KIDS Utah prize pack, have their stories published online, and have an opportunity to celebrate with other winners with a local PBS station tour. The stories will be showcased in a traveling art exhibit hosted by the Utah Division of Arts and Museums.

Puede enviar sus historias en línea o por correo con un formulario de inscripción completo desde el 1ro de marzo siendo el plazo final el 1ro de mayo. Los ganadores, que se anunciarán en mayo, recibirán un paquete de premios de PBS KIDS Utah, sus historias se publicarán en línea y tendrán la oportunidad de celebrar con otros ganadores con un recorrido por la estación local de PBS.


March 1 - May 1, 2024



Contest Instructions

Here is everything you will need to help your young writer and artist submit their entry.

(1) Learn About the Contest

Read the Contest Entry Form and Rules. It has all the information you need to get your story ready to submit! Make sure you can enter the Contest.

(2) Write & Illustrate Your Story

What should your story include? 1) A beginning, middle, and end – remember to stay within the word count! 2) A central event, like a conflict or discovery. 3) A minimum of 5 illustrations that help tell the tale. For inspiration, check out the stories from last year.

(3) Submit Your Story & Completed Entry Form

You can submit your story & entry form by mail or online.

Submit by mail:

  1. Download and print the Contest Entry Form and Rules (Download Entry Form)
  2. Ask a parent or guardian fill out the form completely, sign it, and
  3. Mail story & completed entry form to:
    PBS KIDS Utah
    Attn: Annie Frazier
    101 Wasatch Drive., RM 215
    Salt Lake City, Utah 8411

Submit with online form:

Printable Resources and Activity Sheets

All stories start with an idea of the characters, places or events that will be in the story. Use these worksheets to help your child and students start to form ideas for potential stories. These activities provide a space to freely develop story ideas through text and illustration.

PDF Printables

Classroom Activities Teacher's Guide
Brainstorming Guide (1 of 2)
Brainstorming Guide (2 of 2)
Story Structure Guide
"Draw This" Illustration Planner
"Write This" Story Planner
"Get Ready to Write" Story Blank
Story Revision Checklist