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Season Two

Roots, Race & Culture Season 2 on PBS Utah presents a thought-provoking series where each episode explores a different topic, providing a platform for meaningful discussions. The season covers important and often overlooked issues such as the achievements and challenges faced by Black educators in Utah, and the impact of systemic racism on mental health. Additionally, the series offers inspiring interviews and profiles of local activists, artists, and entrepreneurs, shedding light on the diverse talents and contributions of Utah's Black and POC communities. By addressing these topics and showcasing the voices and stories of individuals making a difference, Roots, Race & Culture Season 2 invites viewers to engage in dialogue and gain a deeper understanding of identity and social justice.


Season Two episode four

Indigenous Food Activism

On this episode of Roots, Race & Culture, we'll talk with two people involved in the indigenous food activism movement. Learn why some groups are pushing to get native communities re-connected with their pre-colonial diets.

Season Two episode three


Colleges across the nation are facing a crisis with the lack of Black and Latino students in STEM fields. We speak with Dr. Ferguson and Juliette Bautista about why Blacks and Latinos aren’t leaning towards STEM careers, and how Utah measures in this spectrum. How can we help to tip the scales and help more Blacks and Latinos to enter these fields?

Season Two episode two

Ogden's Black History

In the early to mid 1900's, Ogden, Utah had a bustling Black community and a vibrant art scene. We speak with Sarah McClellan and Betty Sawyer about Ogden's rich history from the influx of African Americans seeking work on the railroad, and hear from Camille Washington, co-owner of the Good Company Theatre.

Season Two episode one

Black Social Media

Black culture has developed a unique relationship with social media. How are Utahns using social media to generate awareness and express culture, beliefs and values that have historically been filtered by mainstream media through the lens of white gatekeepers?

season two


In the second season, Lonzo and Danor invite viewers to learn about the phenomenon of Black social media, revisit the Black history of Ogden, learn about indigenous food activism, and more.