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Season One

Roots, Race & Culture Season 1 on PBS Utah is a captivating series that explores the intricate dynamics of identity and culture in America. Through thought-provoking conversations, the show delves into various aspects of race, ethnicity, and heritage. From transracial adoption to cultural appropriation to colorism, Season 1 provides viewers with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of these complex topics. By delving into these subjects with sincerity and empathy, the series invites viewers to expand their perspectives and embrace the richness of diversity in America.


season one Episode One

Transracial Adoption

Learn from the unique experiences of children and parents of transracial adoptions.

Utah Business Profiled in this Episode:
Gallo Loco (West Valley City)

season one Episode two

Cultural Appropriation

Is there a “right” or “wrong” way to borrow from another culture?

Utah Business Profiled in this Episode:
International Martial Arts Academy (Saratoga Springs)

season one Episode three

Diversity in Religious Art

Do depictions of religious icons in art & architecture affect one’s experience with faith?

season one Episode four

Black Conservatives

We’ll talk with two Black conservatives about the intersection between race & politics.

season one Episode five

Buffalo Soldiers

Explore the history, contributions, and legacy of Utah’s Buffalo Soldiers.

season one Episode six


We explore how racial prejudice can exist even within Utah's communities of color.

season one


A bold new talk show about race, identity, and culture coming to PBS Utah May 12 at 7PM.

Interview with the Hosts

Hosts Danor and Lonzo tell us what to expect from season one of Roots, Race & Culture.