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Season Five

Season five Episode One


Journey through the landscapes of Utah, discovering the heartwarming story of Luna Lobos, a sanctuary where dogs and humans find healing. Dive into the importance of restoring habitats for endangered species, with a focus on the native June sucker fish. Lastly, explore the little-known history of Polynesian settlers in Utah and witness how their legacy is being preserved today.

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Luna Lobos

Second Chances with the Sled Dogs of Luna Lobos Sanctuary

Luna Lobos is a dog sanctuary in Utah where second chances are embraced and celebrated. This unique sanctuary serves as a place where children and rescue dogs come together, learning valuable lessons as they carve their paths in life. Witness the powerful bond that forms between the children and the dogs, as both teach each other compassion and the true meaning of unconditional love.

Something Fishy 

Reviving an Endangered Species

The Provo River Delta in Utah is undergoing restoration efforts to protect the once-endangered June sucker fish, found exclusively in Utah Lake. Beneath the surface of some Utah rivers and lakes, an ecological imbalance threatens the survival of native fish species. A project aimed at rescuing the June sucker fish brings renewed hope and optimism for the future of Utah's aquatic ecosystems.

Please note: the opening of the Provo River Delta has been delayed to fall 2024, rather than summer 2024 as stated in the video. Learn more at

Pioneers of Aloha

The Journey of Hawaiians to Utah

In Skull Valley, Utah, a former settlement of Hawaiian LDS pioneers stands preserved as a memorial and gathering place. The women of this community are dedicated to preserving its unique history and dispelling lingering myths. The land holds a captivating story, attracting Polynesian pioneers over a century ago and paving the way for a fast-growing community.

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