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Season One

Season One Episode six

Food For Thought

From farm-to-table operations to cuisine as art form, food can inspire us in surprising ways. We’ll meet local artist Kent Christensen, who uses depictions of candy as a societal critique, get an inside look at Utah’s craft chocolate industry, and visit Mesa Farm Market, a sustainable farm in Caineville that sells goat cheese, oven-fired bread, organic produce, and more.

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Artist Kent Christensen

Incorporating vibrant color, symmetry, and a bit of surrealism, artist Kent Christensen paints the things people obsesses about — whether it’s sweets, spirals, food, or faith. His latest work, “Secrets of the Great Salt Lake,” takes inspiration from the famous triptych by Hieronymus Bosch, “The Garden of Earthly Delights.”

Mesa Farm Market

In a small town east of Capitol Reef National Park sits Mesa Farm Market, a quaint roadside market on the edge of 50-acre farm. Its owner, Randy Ramsley, has been serving up fresh garden tomatoes, oven­fired bread, and farmstead goat cheese for 22 years.

Utah Craft Chocolate

Move over Portland and San Francisco, Utah may just be the next craft chocolate capital of the country. At the forefront of Utah’s bean-to-bar chocolate revolution are connoisseurs Matt Caputo, CEO of Caputo's Market & Deli, and Brian Ruggles, President/Founder of Utah Chocolate Society.

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